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Visionix and 20/20NOW entered a strategic alliance to bring quality live synchronous tele-optometry eye exams closer to more patients in the United States. If you are considering tele-optometry, talk to us.  

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20/20NOW Tele-Optometry powered by Visionix

Unlock your potential with Tele-Optometry 

20/20NOW has a strong history of helping eye care practices successfully launch and operate a tele-optometry service across the United States―with consistently high customer satisfaction reviews. This alliance allows us to offer 20/20NOW Tele-Optometry with integrated Visionix devices.   

About 20/20NOW Tele-Optometry

What’s new for Visionix customers? 

For all our customers, we are still your direct access to any Visionix product for any practice setting.  

However, for those who would like to explore an alternative business model, we now have telehealth experts working in tandem with our Visionix team to help you understand state, legal and operational considerations to establish a telehealth-enabled clinic. With the strength of two highly experienced teams, we can help you launch and operate your modern, multi-location optical or practice.

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